Investigation of Products Distribution In Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis By Nano-sized Iron-based Catalyst


Gas Research Division, Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI), National Iranian Oil Company; West Blvd., Near Azadi Sports Complex P.O.BOX 14665-137, Tehran, Iran


Nano-sized iron-based catalyst was prepared by the micro-emulsion method. The composition of the final nano-sized iron catalyst, in term of the atomic ratio contains: 100Fe/4Cu/2Ce. Experimental techniques of XRD, BET, TEM and TPR were used to study the phase, structure and morphology of the catalyst. Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis (FTS) reaction test was performed in a fixed bed reactor at pressure of 17 bars, temperature of 270-310°C with H2/CO ratio and GHSV 2 nl.h-1.gCat-1, respectively. The temperature of the system as a key parameter was changed and its effect on the selectivity and reaction rate was analysed. The results show that the rate of both reactions including of FTS and Water-Gas Shift (WGS) are increased by increasing temperature. For this condition, CO conversion also increased up to 89.1%.