Buckling of doubly clamped nano-actuators in general form through spectral meshless radial point interpolation (SMRPI)

Document Type: Original Research Paper


1 Department of Mathematics, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin, 34149-16818, Iran

2 Department of Basic Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran (IAUPS)


The present paper is devoted to the development of a kind of spectral meshlessradial point interpolation (SMRPI) technique in order to obtain a reliable approx-imate solution for buckling of nano-actuators subject to different nonlinear forces.To end this aim, a general type of the governing equation for nano-actuators, con-taining integro-differential terms and nonlinear forces are considered. This generaltype for the nano-actuators is a non-linear fourth-order Fredholm integro-differentialboundary value problem. The point interpolation method with the help of radialbasis functions is used to construct shape functions which play as basis functions inthe frame of SMRPI. In the current work, the thin plate splines (TPS) are used asthe basis functions. This numerical based technique enables us to overcome all kindof nonlinearities in equation and then to obtain fast convergent solutions. Thus, itcan facilitate the design of nano-actuators.