Stabilisation of Wet Protein Foams Using Starch Nano-Particles

Document Type : Original Research Paper


Chemical Engineering Department, Islamic Azad University, Robat Karim Branch


Protein isolate is used in the food industry in order to process and stabilise food foams. Therefore there has been a great deal of interest and research in order to understand the effect of processing parameters on the functional properties of the isolate. The major purpose of this research is to study the foamability of the different proteins - starch nano-particle system. The results from experiments revealed that the foam properties can vary significantly for certain protein solutions; however, the interfacial properties seem to be constant and the most important results from the experiments are A) in starches samples, adding protein had no significant effect on viscosity, consequently, there was no drainage limitation B) for starches sample surface tension is not limiting factor C) At same starch concentration Egg White protein (EWP) foams had a much higher drainage half-life time compared with pea protein (PPI) foams. The effected properties on foams stability such as viscosity, surface tension and pH were compared to discover the best solution for foam stability.