The effect of different pHs, Surfactants and dialyses times on preparation of nano Rod Hydroxyapatite

Document Type: Original Research Paper


Department of material engineering,faculty of engineering,Islamic azad university Maybod beranch,Iran



Nano HA rod has been synthesized by precipitation method using Ca (NO3)24H2O and (NH4)2HPO4 as starting materials and ammonia solution as an agent for pH adjustment. The Ca/P molar ratio was maintained at 1.67. Then, the effect of different pH (4, 6, 8, 10 ,11), different surfactants and different times for dialyses on nano HA rod were studied. The samples were characterized by different techniques such as, X-ray diffraction, Fourier transform infrared spectra, and Transmission electron microscopies. The XRD analysis showed that the prepared HA nano rod was to be fully crystalline. The results showed that, the best pH for nano HA rod was 11and Span 20 as the surfactant had the better effect on dispersion and shape of nano rod. The HA nano-rods had an average diameter of 10 nm and length 70-80 nm after 12 hours of dialyses time.
Selection and control of the precise dialyses time together with surface active agents proved to be important in controlling the rod size, degree of aggregation and the rod shape.