Recent Advancement in monolithic refractories via application of Nanotechnology “A review”

Document Type: Review Paper


1 Sharif univeristy

2 najafabad university,isfahan,iran

3 department of material science, sharif university, tehran, iran



In recent years, the use of nanotechnology (nano-particles, nanomaterial, nano-additives and nano- structured materials) has attracted attention of scholars, engineers and scientists in all scientific fields such as chemistry, medicine, material, agriculture, electronic etc. The use of nanotechnology has also become widespread in the refractory products (which mainly used in various industries such as steel, casting, cement, glass etc.). Therefore, the effect of using different types and contents of nanomaterials (oxides and non-oxides) as well as the control of microstructure has been evaluated by many researchers on the properties of shaped (bricks) and un-shaped (monolithic) refractory products. The obtained results were very promising and satisfactory. One of the most consumable refractory products in various industries is monolithic refractories, which has been widely used because of their great benefits to the other refractories products (bricks). In this paper, recent advances in monolithic refractories by using the finding of nanotechnology are presented. This article can be considered as guidance for researchers, students to gain easy access to experimental results obtained by different research group using nanotechnology and nano materials in monolithic refractories.